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 President and CEO


Dave Mowat
President & CEO

Dave Mowat is a banker. That sounds pretty straightforward. And it is, in the sense that he deals with a lot of big numbers, understands the confusing world of banking, leads a lot of creative team members, and continually thinks about how to serve hundreds of thousands of customers across the province.

But he’s also a banker who’s not afraid to talk about love. Love of getting the customer the best deal, and gaining, protecting and growing the love and respect of all Albertans.

Dave is an Albertan by birth. And, like more and more of us, he's an Albertan by choice. After getting his education in B.C., he came back home. Over the last 30 years, he has shaped and been shaped by every aspect of the banking world: venture capital markets, credit, retail, corporate, investments, and banking tied to each sector of the Alberta economy.

He has served in three chief executive posts, and used his training and instincts on the boards of prominent Canadian organizations, including Visa Canada and the Citizens Bank Canada. Today, Dave serves on several boards, including STARS, Telus Community Foundation, United Way Edmonton, Alberta Blue Cross, MasterCard Canada, Alberta Economic Development Authority, and Edmonton Airports.

Visitors to Vancouver will recall seeing VanCity branches tucked into neighbourhoods across that city and can certainly tell you the credit union is known for its assets, profitability and membership. That’s the straightforward legacy of Dave’s term as VanCity CEO. But he’s also known for VanCity’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, a passion he’s brought to ATB.

In June 2007, Dave was hired as President and CEO of ATB Financial, the largest Alberta-based financial institution and a dynamic presence across the province for more than 70 years.

Sure, he lost an hour moving back, but he gained the opportunity to help bring to life the possibilities that exist in Alberta through a financial institution that aims to match the spirit that Albertans, wherever they are born, tackle life with.

Have a question for Dave? Email him at (Yes, he’ll actually reply. That’s just being straightforward.)