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We searched the universe for our new Head of Innovation and found her at MaRS

Posted on: August 29, 2017

OK, maybe saying we searched the entire universe is a slight exaggeration, but we did look far and wide for our new Head of Innovation. We wanted to make sure we had the perfect leader for our innovation space as we continue to transform banking. Sue McGill is just that!

Sue McGill
Sue McGill

Sue is joining us most recently from the MaRS Discovery District, the largest urban innovation centre in the world (some would even say galaxy). Its mission is to help advance innovations from across health, cleantech, learning, along with finance and commerce. They work with over a thousand entrepreneurs annually to help accelerate and scale their companies.

Sue’s been in the innovative technology space for most of her career. She got a firsthand glimpse of how powerful, transformative and equalizing the internet is when working with Yahoo and MySpace to create a presence for them in Canada.

When it comes to more recent innovations, Sue says the world is only just starting to get a sense of what’s possible—but the potential benefits to customers are really exciting.

“ATB is pushing financial services ahead to really become a world class leader in terms of serving its customers in unique ways,” she says. “We’re just at the beginning phases of really seeing the transformational abilities of new technologies like AI, machine learning, biotechnology and robotics."

As far as defining the broad concept of innovation, Sue explains it’s all about staying on top of your game—and, better yet, ahead of it.

“Innovation is ultimately about companies knowing what to do to keep their competitiveness and continue to grow and remain relevant in years to come," she says. "It’s about sensing the needs of the future and identifying opportunities that will have real world positive impacts. These opportunities are ultimately driven by the potential to add value and meaning to society and humankind.”

Altough Sue hasn’t officially started yet, she already has a strong connection to The ATB story. And she's asking big questions.

“How can we really draw upon all the amazing talent both inside the company and the rest of the global innovation ecosystem to really advance the financial services industry? And most importantly, serve ATB customers in a way that gives them a lot of joy and makes their lives better.”

Sue is super excited to join the ATB team.

“After going through the recruitment process and meeting team members—seeing ATB’s deep talent pool—I was impressed. The recognized culture of innovation really makes ATB an ideal home for me,” she says.

As an inquisitive innovator, she’ll admit she has a bit of an unhealthy relationship with her iPhone, but she does like to break free from it once in a while to spend some time meditating and staying active. In fact, she’s looking forward to getting to Alberta to explore her love of rock climbing, something hard to do in Toronto (unless you’re ready to start scaling buildings).

We can’t wait for you to meet Sue and we think you’ll agree that she’s out of this world. To stay plugged in to Sue’s journey, follow her on Twitter @suemcgill or check out

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