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Keeping your money safe and working for you.

Agricultural banking is more than just setting up your accounts.
But that’s a good start.

Bank accounts are an important part of your business finances. Think about your cash flow and your banking preferences, and then choose the accounts that give you the best balance of flexibility, interest, and functionality.

Agricultural bank accounts

AgriInvest Savings Account
Manage short-term risk and maximize provincial and federal contributions with this government savings account designed for agricultural businesses.

Chequing accounts

Choose from full service account packages, pay as you go account options,
or U.S. chequing accounts.

Savings accounts

Earn more interest—perfect if you don’t require a high number of transactions.
U.S. savings accounts are also available.

U.S. accounts

Manage and grow your money in American dollars.​​

  • Cash Flow

    Did you know?

    You can tighten those unwelcome cash-flow gaps in your operation by automating your transactions, giving you more time to do other things.
    The first step is to identify your operation cash-flow gaps in a cash flow forecast. Next, tighten the timing of your input costs and receivables by automating your transactions. These small changes not only make your administration life easier, it also helps you better predict the cash flowing in and out of your account.