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Talk to a Merchant Specialist early in your planning stage—this will ensure that your development goes smoothly and that time and money isn’t invested in unneeded steps.

e-Select plus

Perfect for enabling e-commerce transactions on your website, card-not-present transactions for your mail order/telephone order business in a call center environment, or your face-to-face in-store transactions. Plus, this service allows for processing of batch transactions or recurring payments.


  • Process all major online payment types, including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and INTERAC Online in a secure, real-time environment.
  • Compatible with most of today’s popular shopping cart applications. Click here to view a list of supported shopping carts.
  • Option to connect to the gateway through the Hosted Payment Page or APIs.
  • Authenticate your customers in real time with Verified By Visa. Moneris offers the Verified by Visa Merchant Plug-in as a component of eSELECTplus.
  • Help reduce the risk of accepting fraudulent transactions with AVS & CVD fraud tools.

Card-not-present: mail order/telephone order

  • Web-based interface, which is simple to use and to train your staff on. There is no software to install or configure.
  • Virtual Terminal for merchants manually entering credit card transactions for mail or telephone order sales, such as call centres. Allows up to 99 simultaneous users.

Batch processing

  • Monthly billing, where the amount varies for each payment or groups of transactions when an immediate response is not necessary.

Recurring billing

  • Merchants requiring billing functionality for regularly scheduled customer payments, such as membership dues or subscriptions.
  • Help reduce the risk of accepting fraudulent transactions with AVS & CVD fraud tools.

Face-to-face/card present

  • Ideal for merchants who have a computer at their checkout, have a high-speed Internet connection, and conduct a low amount of cash transactions.
  • To utilize the virtual terminal, simply plug a PINpad into your PC, log in to the eSELECTplus1 web site, and you are ready to go.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR is the way to process credit card transactions using a Touch-Tone telephone. It is an automated, easy-to-use interactive voice response authorization and draft capture application.

IVR is ideal for merchants with very few monthly credit transactions and who do not require debit processing. It works with virtually any touch-tone phone, and no terminal rental is required.



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