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 Online Reporting


Get the facts.

ATB Financial offers a convenient, easy-to-use online reporting tool called Merchant Direct that allows you to better manage your internal information requirements. Consolidated data can be viewed online or imported into spreadsheets and accounting packages for your own financial analysis.

Merchant Direct provides 24/7 access to daily card transaction data (available by 7 a.m. the next morning and stored for three months) and monthly consolidated statements (available by the third day of the next month and stored for up to two years).

Merchant Direct is searchable, so you can find transactions by transaction number, card number, date, or amount. As it reports settled transactions, it makes it easier for you to investigate and resolve your own out-of-balance situations quickly and easily.

With comprehensive single- and multiple-location reports, the information can provide insights and facilitate trend analysis and forecasting to assist in making good business decisions.

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