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Connecting Businesses

Helping build a bigger Alberta with innovative partners

In the face of globalization and emerging market competition, ATB is continuing to make Alberta’s relevance and manufacturing excellence a top priority. We’re achieving this by connecting Alberta-based manufacturers with provincial, nation-al and international service providers—by way of innovation hubs, innovation agencies, as well as research institutions.

  • Development of novel ICT, Engineering and Biotechnology innovation support
  • Access funds for Commercialization of Made in Alberta innovations
  • Access funds for Research and Development
  • Access funds for Prototype development
  • Access funds for international collaboration
  • Access funds for marketing
  • Access funds for collaborative work with researchers at the University of Alberta and Univer-sity of Calgary
  • Introductions to industrial design experts, marketing veterans and industry connections / in-troductions.
  • Introductions to angel networks, VCs and private equity partners where the manufacturing is.
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