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CRA Bill Payment

Paying taxes is now less taxing.

To add Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to your bill payment profile, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your ATBOnline account
  • Go to “Pay Bill”
  • Open “Manage Account”
  • Add Canada Revenue Agency to your “Pay Bill Profile”, choosing from one of the three accounts listed in the chart below. When setting up the CRA as a payee, remember that your CRA account number is your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

This chart will help you choose which CRA accounts you need to add.

Where do you want your CRA payment applied? Add this CRA Payee to your bill payment profile:
Current taxes for the 2011 personal tax year. CRA 2011 TAX RETURN PERSONAL
Personal balances owing for any previous tax year. CRA TAX AMT OWING PERSONAL
Instalments for the next (2012) tax year. CRA 2012 TAX INSTAL PERSONAL

Once you add CRA as a payee, you will be able to pay personal federal income tax through ATBOnline. You’ll also be able to make payments at any ATB branch, using ATB telephone banking, or at any ATB automated banking machine (ABM).​​​


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