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Vaughn knows what he nose

Posted on: February 13, 2015 | Author: Staff

Vaughn sees the world with his nose. We’ll tell you more about ATB Financial’s favourite black lab, but first, take a sniff of this:

Vaughn using his nose

Vaughn is a Dogs With Wings dog being trained and socialized by ATB Financial President & CEO Dave Mowat.

Where Dave goes, Vaughn goes. What Dave sees, Vaughn smells.

In a few months, Vaughn will be assessed and then assigned to do his good work in the bigger world, becoming the guide dog for a visually challenged person or a non-verbal autistic child.

For now, though, Vaughn is a regular face and nose at ATB Place, where he does the work of good dogs everywhere, which is to make everyone who crosses paths with him a little happier.

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