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ATB Listens

What makes ATB different?
We promise to listen.


Dave Mowat
President and CEO

Read our promise

Today, I’m making a promise to you, on behalf of all ATB team members, to listen. Every time. Every place. In every way. We promise to listen.

Why listen?

Because we know banking isn’t easy. And not always helpful. It’s designed in a way that puts banks—not people—first.

But ATB is more than a bank. And you—and each and every Albertan—are an ATB stakeholder. And whether you bank with us or not, we’re working for you.

Listening makes us smarter, but humbler. Listening means taking equal stock of your net worth and self-worth. Most importantly, listening makes banking a catalyst—not a barrier—for happiness.

If you’re happy with your bank, you should stay there. If not, ATB Listens.


Dave Mowat
President and CEO

Let’s talk.

This is how listening to Alberta inspires us.

Tricia Schaelow wasn’t happy with her bank. After she heard ATB President Dave Mowat’s listening message on the radio she did the natural thing: sent him an email. This was the response.

I told them I wasn't happy with my bank and they got me set up with a banking team who completely satisfied my needs, who met with me and helped me transition everything, my whole financial life, to ATB. I’ve been blown away with the service. And I think it’s because they sat down and actually listened to what I wanted.

Thomas Grenier chose to pursue his tiny homes startup over medical school—but found only frustration when seeking a banking partner. Then he learned about ATB-X, an accelerator program tailored to Alberta startups.

A big part of why I'm making progress with my company is because of ATB. The accelerator allowed me to have a place to grow, gave me tools to do so, and most importantly it gave me confidence in myself and my company because everyone deserves a chance in this world.

Lawrence Crosthwaite was on vacation halfway around the world when ATB blocked his credit card to protect him from a possible fraud. No warning, no explanation, no answer to his secure message. He complained. When ATB looked into his case, we changed things. Secured messages are now answered within four hours. We now use every phone number on record to alert travelling customers to imminent-fraud card blocks. On top of that, even if the card is blocked because of potential fraud, a customer can safely make purchases at terminals that accept PIN and chip technology. And, we are testing a 24-hour Customer Care Centre for ATB customers halfway around the world.

It's nice to know that when you speak up, you are heard and you can make a difference.

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We’re listening to you, too.

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