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 Disability Assessment Tool


How much Disability Insurance should you have?

What are your monthly expenses (Step 1)

Rent / mortgage / condo fees $
Utilities (including phone /TV / internet) $
Property taxes $
Insurance $
Repairs and maintenance $
Groceries / household / hygiene & medical $
Child care / support payments $
Clothing, dry cleaning $
Other (e.g. coffee, newspapers, magazines) $
Vehicle payments & insurance $
Gas / parking / maintenance / licensing $
Other (e.g. public transit, taxis) $
Entertainment(including dining out) $
Vacations> $
Hobbies / club memberships / courses< $
Gifts / donations $
Financial commitments:
Personal loans, lines of credit, credit cards $
Regular savings / RRSP contributions $
Insurance (e.g. Life, disability)< $
Other(e.g. Professional Dues) $
Total monthly expenses = A $
This tool is for information purposes only and does not constitute insurance advice. ATB Financial associates are not authorized to provide you with information or advice regarding your specific insurance needs other than for creditor insurance. If your completed analysis reveals a shortfall in your available funds, you may wish to speak to your personal insurance adviser.