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Mortgage Rates

View all the current ATB mortgage rates for our featured, closed fixed-rate, open fixed-rate and open variable-rate mortgages.

Featured Mortgages1

Closed Fixed-Rate Mortgages2

Mortgage Term:Current Rate:
1 year2.94%
2 years2.29%
30 month2.39%
3 years2.44%
4 years2.49%
5 years - Extreme Discount2.59%
5 years2.59%
7 years4.54%

Open Fixed-Rate Mortgages2

Mortgage Term:Current Rate:
6 months4.00%
1 year4.00%
2 years4.00%

Open Variable-Rate Mortgages3

All Term Rates
Mortgage Term:Current Rate:
All Term Rates 3.50%


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