Build a business network and learn everything you need to know.

Make valuable connections

Meet entrepreneurs, business owners and community partners who know from experience how to run a business and are ready to mentor you on your journey.

Enjoy weekly working sessions

Join weekly working sessions where you choose what you want to learn - we cover every aspect of running a business!

Access industry Xperts and advisors

Finding business Xperts isn't always easy. From lawyers to accountants to mental health support, we facilitate the introductions you’re looking for.

Program details

Duration ATB X is an intensive but rewarding 11-week program including a weekly 3 hour session and 2 full-day bootcamps
Locations Edmonton, Calgary and online
Perks Access to WorkNicer work spaces. Exclusive ATB business banking offers and alumni events. When you complete the program, you are entered to win lunch with ATB's CEO, Curtis Stange.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly recommend that more than one individual from your company attends the whole program. Applicants who commit to including additional team members will be viewed favourably upon application. At ATB X we recognize that it is challenging for an owner/CEO to ‘do it all’. Having key members of your team along to learn with you is a critical opportunity to build capacity within your company and to accelerate your growth.

ATB X is not an equity investor and we do not charge money for the program. The only requirement is that you have an active ATB Business banking account before the start date of the program. If you are not currently banking at ATB, you simply need to open your account prior to the program start date.

ATB X is for all categories of businesses who are currently operating within Alberta. We like diversity of industries in our cohorts and believe that this is a critical aspect of our success at helping companies grow through ATB X. We welcome any size of company who is focusing on growth of revenue, customers, operations and/or team.

We prefer to work with incorporated companies, however we do not require your company to be incorporated in order to attend ATB X.

The age of the company doesn't matter. If your company has been around for awhile but you are entering a new phase of growth or entering new markets or channels, we welcome you to apply too.

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