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Collecting Payments

Cash Inflow

Cash Inflow: It's about control. It's about time.

Let your customers pay you on their terms (give them options), but on your timeline (sooner than later).

  • Offer card processing (debit/credit machine). Fast and convenient for them, less cash and coin to count for you.
  • Encourage early payments. Offer incentives for early payments and/or charge penalties if they are behind.
  • Become a corporate creditor. It's a click of a mouse for them, no more waiting for cheques in the mail for you.
Cash Flow: Collecting Payments

Tips for improving your cash inflow

What to do:

  • DO invoice in a timely manner
  • DO offer discounts to suppliers who make quick payments
  • DO use automated payment systems like EFTs and wire transfers

What not to do:

  • DON’T tolerate late payments. Ensure penalties are applied.
  • DON’T use cheques anymore. Electronic payments save time and money.
Cash Flow: Maximize the Time Value of Money

Maximize the Time Value of Money (TVM)

Money in your account is worth more than the same amount in the future—because of its earning potential. Collect your receivables as soon as you can!

Merchant Services

Is yours a retail business? Our card payment services can make a big impact on your cash flow cycle. Is it time to consider POS terminals, gift card programs, eCommerce or phone/mail ordering?

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Think you can’t afford to automate?

It’s more affordable than you think. Plus it gives you back valuable time to work in your business.

Does technology make you nervous?

Don’t get left behind. Don’t give your competitors the advantage.

Take advantage of technology

Counting cash and coins and depositing cheques are the old way of doing business. Take advantage of technology and increase efficiencies exponentially with card processing, corporate creditor, wire transfers, EFT’s and other ATB services.

“Not having to process cheques, get them signed, disperse them to employees in the field (sometimes out of town) and then have them take an hour or more off to go to the bank every payroll. Operationally, EFT’s are a huge time saver!”

– Candace, Earthwise Contracting Ltd


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