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 Growing Your Business


Sustainable growth is the goal

The faster your business grows, the more cash you need. But pace your growth so it is sustainable.


Operating or Term Loan?

Operating Loan: Gives you access to working capital to manage day-to-day operating expenses.

  • Revolves automatically, no need to re-apply
  • Interest calculated on amount use only
  • Flexible terms

Term Loan: When you need financing to purchase land, buildings, equipment, vehicles or to finance expansion.

  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Adjustable amortization
  • Flexible repayment terms

Use extra credit

Extra credit can help you through unexpected situations, seize opportunities, or to fund planned growth or expansion. Working capital from ATB can keep your cash flowing and your business growing.

Play matchmaker

The life of a loan should match the life of an asset.

We Grow Alberta

Be inspired by other Alberta entrepreneurs. Meet them in our We Grow Alberta series.

"I think the biggest challenge in running the business is the sense of responsibility I always feel. I have an amazing team and just making sure I can keep everybody and find that revenue to keep the business growing."

– Jacqueline Jacek, Founder, Jacek Chocolate Couture


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