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 Making Payments


Pay your the last minute or buy yourself some time

Paying employees and suppliers, and covering the costs of equipment, inventory and operating expenses all add up. Finding the most effective ways to hang on to your cash, while making sure payments are made on time, is critical to managing cash flow.


Tips for making payments

What to do:

  • DO pay bills early if you benefit from a discount
  • DO negotiate favourable vendor terms
  • DO consider a rewards credit card and reap some benefits

What not to do:

  • DON’T rush to pay your bills as soon as they arrive
  • DON’T miss payment deadlines
  • DON’T write cheques manually anymore

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs)

Gain better control

You have control over the payment of funds because you initiate the transaction.

No-hold Funds

Once the money is in the recipient’s account, access is immediate.


Enjoy time-savings by setting up electronic cash management

Simplify your bookkeeping

Track expenses with your credit card

Using an ATB credit card to track expenses can help simplify your bookkeeping. The billing cycle also lets you keep funds in our account for 30-45 days after a purchase is made!

Optimize your inventory control

Having too much inventory on hand means you’ve had to hand over cash up front. Figure out the right balance to optimize your inventory control.

“Not having to process cheques, get them signed, disperse them to employees in the field (sometimes out of town) and then have them take an hour or more off to go to the bank every payroll. Operationally, EFT’s are a huge time saver!”

– Candace, Earthwise Contracting Ltd


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