The NEW Experience Economy: Understanding consumer behaviors

By ATB Financial 22 September 2020

As the non-profit sector looks ahead to plan fall events and experiences, leaders in the sector need relevant, timely and actionable data to help guide their planning in our new normal. Stone-Olafson and the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) share insight into what we know about current consumer habits from wave 2 research findings and how to use those learnings in 2020/2021 planning to thrive in a post-pandemic environment.

Key topics discussed will include:

  • What we know about current consumer habits
  • What this might mean for the non-profit sector
  • How non-profits can use this data to fuel future experiential and event offerings
  • Example of how CIFF used data and research to reimagine how they might connect, engage and share their 2020 festival

Want to dig into the results? Non-profits can access the full wave 2 report The NEW Experience Economy: The Intersection of Arts, Culture, Sports & Recreation in a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Environment for free.

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