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A monthly mixtape of articles, tools and events for entrepreneurs in Alberta.

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There are 440,000 entrepreneurs in Alberta—and we have the privilege of working with more of them than any other financial institution in the province.

Each month we bring you Amplify, a newsletter full of curated tools, timely advice and onging events to help you through your daily hustle. From getting a line of credit to navigating tax changes, Amplify has something to assist and inspire every small business​​​​​​​​​​.

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We hand-pick events thoughout the year so you can get out, network and learn from the best.

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Articles and tools to help you with growth, marketing, social media and more.

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Starting a business in Alberta can be a bit like predicting the weather. It can be done, but it’s sure not easy. The payoffs though, when you get it right, are amazing. For an entrepreneur, knowing what’s coming in the wind - and being ready to either batten down the hatches, or throw open the windows - can make all the difference. That kind of advice is what you’ll find in Amplify.

Here you’ll find simple and helpful resources for starting and running your own business in Alberta. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur wondering how to access new markets or a fresh-faced newbie full of dreams and ambition, there’s something in each issue for you.

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Teresa Clouston
Executive Vice President
ATB Business & Agriculture

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