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Sound bites from award-winning bosses

Sound bites from award-winning bosses

Posted on: December 17, 2015 | Author: Siobhan Owen, Marketing Co-op Student

Business owners say the darndest things. From profound to amusing, a trio of big names in small business kept the quotes coming during a recent Calgary Chamber event.

Fast-Growth Champions is an event series featuring businesses in Calgary that are excelling in different areas. The champions at the November 17 event, supported by ATB Business, were all 2015 Calgary Small Business Week award winners. The panel included, Brittney Ramsay from Britt Land Services, Colin Smith from Green Event Services, and Greg Habstritt from Vets To Go. They touched on a variety of topics including the hardest part of running a business, work life balance, and corporate culture.

Here are some of the most memorable, quotable moments:

“I could talk all day about culture. Everything we do either builds up or tears down our culture.” – Brittney, Britt Land Services

“Employees are looking for honesty, integrity, and transparency from their employers.” – Greg, Vets To Go

“Cash flow is king for entrepreneurs.” – Colin, Green Event Services

“My business is my personal and my personal is my business. I want to build real relationships with my team.” – Brittney, Britt Land Services

“What got you to early success isn’t what will get you to the next level. You need to put systems in place.” – Greg, Vets To Go

“If you can’t run a business and pay a living wage, you shouldn’t run a business.” – Colin, Green Event Services

“Lots of people want to turn away from conflict. We work to make sure our team is comfortable talking about it instead.” – Brittney, Britt Land Services

“Most people start a business because they want to work less and make more money. Any entrepreneur will tell you that’s never how it works.”– Greg, Vets To Go

“Your customers care about the environment so this is the time and it’s always time to consider the environment and your business.” – Colin, Green Event Services

Congratulations again to all three businesses for their award wins and for being great disruptors in the Calgary small business market. See you at the next Fast-Growth Champions event Tuesday, January, 19 2016.

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