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Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple

Posted on: February 12, 2016 | Author: ATB Business & Agriculture

Edmonton entrepreneur Monita Chapman truly believes that simple is better. That's the premise behind her business Simply Supper, where customers come to prepare or pick up nutritious meals.

Always mindful that people's lives are busy, Monita strives to make their visits to Simply Supper efficient. A busy mother of three herself, Monita purchased the business five years ago after having worked there while on maternity leave with her second daughter. The 1,000 square foot facility in south Edmonton employs 18 part-time staff.

Even though both her parents were small business owners, Monita still faced a steep learning curve.

“Nothing can prepare you for small business other than being in it,” says Monita.

“I find I first have to make a mistake before I do something the right way.”

While Monita says the business has come a long way since she first bought it, there is something she wished she knew before she started.

"I wish I was more tech-savvy. That’s a huge learning curve for me, and the biggest struggle. But it's one of the most important parts of my business,” she says.

These days Monita is continuing to build the brand. She's constantly on the lookout for new food trends, and adapting them to fit her philosophy of keeping it simple. Her three tips for budding entrepreneurs fall under that umbrella too:

  • Be patient.
  • Ask for help (numerous times, numerous people).
  • Enjoy it...even the failures.

When asked about the worst business advice she ever received, Monita had an interesting answer.

“If I learned from it, then it wasn’t bad.”

Simple words from a smart business owner.

Hear more from Monita at

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