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Passionate pitches: BoostR Stage comes to YEG

Passionate pitches: BoostR Stage comes to YEG

Posted on: September 18, 2015 | Author: ATB Business & Agriculture

Adventure buses. Pantomime theatre. Ramen noodles. Moonshine. Wellness treatments. Under what magical roof might all these disparate ideas come together?

Under the roof of the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, as a matter of fact, for the very first BoostR Stage YEG event, on Tuesday, September 15. It was put on by Alberta BoostR, ATB’s rewards-based crowdfunding platform.

BoostR Stage is an event where small business owners and entrepreneurs from Alberta can pitch their business plans to an expert panel of judges, as well as a captive audience of engaged community members. The judges hear short, timed pitches, ask some questions, and ultimately choose one business to “boost” with capital. A $1,000 prize goes to help the winning business expand.

But even better, audience members are equipped with voting rights too, in the form of dollars. Audience members are given credits to award their favourite pitch through, good for that evening only.

On Tuesday night, five businesses took the stage: Gateway Wellness Center, Adventure Bus, Wyvern Players, Red Cup Distillery, and Prairie Noodle Shop. Each pitch was unique, reflecting the personality and passion of the business owners.

But the pitches did carry a common theme: they all contained ideas to make our collective community better. Whether it was through offering a cold glass of moonshine or suggesting an outing with your kids to see live, interactive theatre, all the business owners at Tuesday night’s event pitched Alberta-focused innovations.

In the end, the winner of the $1,000 boost from the judges was Red Cup Distillery, rewarded for a passionate and authentic pitch highlighting a compelling business model.

The next BoostR Stage pitch event will be in Calgary on September 30. For more information on that event, to learn more about these businesses, and to boost an Alberta business yourself, visit

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