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Here’s to Alberta farmers, and great beer

Here’s to Alberta farmers, and great beer

Posted on: August 14, 2015 | Author: ATB Business & Agriculture

Graham Sherman and Jeff Orr are on the leading edge of today’s farm-to-glass movement.

The owners of Tool Shed Brewing Company see themselves as part of Alberta’s agriculture industry, taking what farmers grow and carefully and respectfully brewing with it.

“We’re here in Alberta and there is literally no better place in the world to make beer,” says Sherman. “About 90% of our malt is from Rahr, and the barley for that malt is locally grown. We think it’s amazing that the barley in our beer was grown in our neighbourhood, essentially.”

Tool Shed Brewing Company offers a regular schedule of brewery tours at their northeast Calgary location. You can check out how their beer is made, try a sample or two and who knows, maybe take home a six-pack for further research.

Of all their visitors, Sherman and Orr find particular enjoyment hosting groups of farmers. While brewer and farmer are different occupations, they speak the same language of passion, dedication and quality.

The owners of Tool Shed Brewing Company look forward to many years of partnership with Alberta farmers, and sharing a friendly beer or two along the way.

Says Sherman: “We love to bring farmers here and show them what we do. Alberta farmers grow the best barley, Alberta has the best water and also internationally recognized malt houses. As a craft brewer, you can’t ask for anything more.”

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