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Fans First Contest

Because being a hockey fan is expensive.

Tickets, parking, jerseys, snacks…hockey costs really add up. We get it, because we’re fans, too! That’s why ATB is giving away $1,000 hockey celebration prizes all winter. Visit this page often and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Come back March 27!

That's when the Date Night contest opens.

See you then, and good luck!

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Minor Hockey Night

Enter to win!

Treat your favourite minor hockey star to a big-league game.

Calgary minor hockey

Contest closes Monday, March 20 at 3pm.

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Maximum of 200 characters.

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Thanks for entering!

We’ll announce the winner on Twitter and Facebook March 21.

Follow us so you don’t miss it, and stay tuned for the next contest!


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Upcoming contests

Check back often! A new contest launches about every two weeks.

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