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Building a brand: That’s a capital idea!

Building a brand: That’s a capital idea!

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Author: ATB Business & Agriculture


How do you build a killer brand? That is the very question six Alberta entrepreneurs were asked in January's Capital Ideas events in Calgary and Edmonton.

Marnie Ashcroft of Glow Juicery, Landon Schedler of Oliver Apt., and Alyssa Lau of Ordinary People and New Classics Studios spoke to a record-breaking crowd in Edmonton, while Karina Birch of Rocky Mountain Soap, Julia Cordray of Career Fox, and James Boettcher of Fiasco Gelato shared a panel at the first ever Calgary event.

The two events provided attendees with countless insights into the world of branding for businesses, from starting out, to managing the success of well-known companies.

Landon Schedler explained how he transitioned his brand from a side “hobby” to a full-time business.

“Websites are such a simple way to give yourself a lot of credibility,” he said. “Portray yourself in a way you want to actually be.”

When asked about the importance of seeing her brand from a customer’s perspective, Alyssa Lau stated, “I used to be a very vivid online shopper so I had an idea of what I liked. I already knew how to be a customer,” she explained.

Marnie Ashcroft spoke on the ability of an entrepreneur to personify themselves through their brands.

“One of the things that is fun as an entrepreneur is that you can tap into yourself and your own personality and hope the person you are is as appealing as the product you’re creating.”

Career Fox’s founder Julia Cordray discussed the process of developing a memorable company name that suited the brand, to now working through a brand renewal to appeal to all of her audiences.

“We now realize the Career Fox brand appeals more to candidates but doesn’t always appeal to corporate clients,” she said.

When asked how Rocky Mountain Soap measures its brand success, Co-owner Karina Birch stated, “If you like what people are saying about you, it’s a good way to measure your brand.”

James Boettcher talked over the evolution of building your brand by saying, “When something happens that doesn’t work, we’re quick to fix it.”

Boettcher believes that having a good idea but bad business is dangerous to a brand’s success and explained how businesses should “identify the tipping point where you can say ‘people believe in what I do.’”

Capital Ideas is a monthly event held in Edmonton and Calgary that fosters an interactive panel discussion with some of Alberta’s most innovative and knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

Each month, Edmonton and Calgary panels speak to one topic focused around entrepreneurs and small-businesses. These events are excellent opportunities to network with Alberta entrepreneurs, learn insights and get business advice for some of your most pressing challenges.

If you want to learn more about Capital Ideas, find an event near you, or contribute to the conversation, visit and

Check back for a recap of this month’s Capital Idea topic “How Do You Make Your Business Bigger and Better?” taking place February 18 in Edmonton and February 26 in Calgary. Be sure to register if you wish to attend in person!

Photo courtesy: Capital Ideas