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Meet Team ATB

Meet Team ATB

Posted on: February 27, 2014
Author: Jennifer Kohle


They're exceptional athletes with magnetic personalities and lofty goals, and they're all from Alberta.

The cameras have stopped rolling and the podiums have been packed up. The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games are over. Many of the athletes have returned to their day-to-day lives, while others continue on to compete in other, less renowned competitions.

For many Canadian athletes, corporate backing and financial support stops now. At ATB, we know that commitment is a team effort, and that for many Alberta athletes, Sochi was just the beginning. The training, the travel, and the sacrifice continue into the next World Cup season and beyond, eventually into 2018.

That's why ATB is helping six Alberta athletes with the costs of training and with financial planning after their respective seasons wind down. ATB is also calling on Albertans to join the movement. You can contribute directly to the athletes at, with ATB matching every loonie raised.

"Having ATB's support is massive," says Edmonton-born bobsledder and Team ATB member Jesse Lumsden. "It takes the weight off my and my other Team ATB teammates' backs. It's such a unique opportunity."

Ski jumper Atsuko Tanaka is also grateful for ATB's support.

"It's kind of a struggle for ski jumping because we don't get as much funding as other sports do," says Atsuko. "Just being a Calgarian and having that support from an Albertan company is amazing because it shows they believe in us."

Snowboarder Brooke Voigt of Fort McMurray, doubles luge partners Tristan Walker and Justin Snith, and para-alpine skier Kurt Schornstein round out the Team ATB roster. Keep checking back here for video profiles of each athlete.

Meet the team and learn about ATB's ongoing support