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You can support Team ATB athletes with just a click. Sorry, we can't say much more!

You can support Team ATB athletes with just a click. Sorry, we can't say much more!

Posted on: February 10, 2014
Author: Jennifer Kohle


We are now only one day away from being able to officially tell you what we can't officially tell you until the wrap up of the world's largest sporting and cultural festival in a time zone 11 hours away. No, not the Calgary Stampede. But close. ;)

And that's that ATB Financial has built a unique platform to financially support the gold, silver and bronze dreams of six unspeakably good Alberta athletes. It's pretty cool. And it's a way that you can donate money to their cause—with ATB matching every cent.

We're doing this, and asking you to join, because the money needed to support these homegrown heroes doesn't go away when the event we can't talk about is over. Let's just say these particular athletes don't have the profile and sponsorship opportunities of other Canadian athletes, including, say, the professional penguin who we're counting on to again score the gold-medal goal in men's hockey.

We've also raised money for these athletes in other ways. In branches across Alberta, ATBers have bought more than 600 hoodies to support the cause. Five bucks from each hoodie goes to the athletes. You'll even see cryptic tweets from them talking about the program we can't yet talk about and asking for your support.

So, as you watch these Alberta athletes slide, swoosh and soar their way to winter glory, please know that you can help keep them going.

We'll be able to reveal more soon, but, for now, if you get our (snow)drift, click here to donate.

You'll jump to the ATB Cares site and land safely and securely on the WinSport page. All money raised will be divided equally among the athletes.

Go, Canada, go!