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Financial Literacy 101 comes to Lethbridge College

Financial Literacy 101 comes to Lethbridge College

Posted on: August 28, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

First lesson: Living on a budget doesn't have to mean living on Kraft Dinner.


ATB Associates at Lethbridge College pose with the college staple Kraft Dinner.

For the sixth straight year, ATB Financial is proud to be the lead sponsor of Lethbridge College’s New Student Orientation. Each year, approximately 700 students participate in the event, which engages new students and informs them about campus resources.

ATB’s Lethbridge branches will once again take the lead on financial topics. ATB associates will be on location to deliver two seminars on preventing financial stress. The sessions walk students through key financial considerations including budgeting, credit and beacon scores, and how to effectively save and borrow money for college.

The relationship has been great for both partners. ATB Mayor Magrath Branch Manager Jim Kellington has seen the positive impact on his team. “Our associates put together the curriculum, get out to the college, and engage with students. Our team loves it. It’s very rewarding.”

At ATB, we take pride in sharing our expertise with our community partners. With Lethbridge College students, our associates see an opportunity to go beyond traditional sponsorship and provide something that young Albertans need: help with financial literacy.

We’re proud to be so connected to the communities where we operate and give back in such creative and innovative ways.