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Alberta Flood: A friend of a friend of a friend

Alberta Flood: A friend of a friend of a friend

Posted on: June 28, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Note: Jacynthe Jagger, marketing and communications manager with ATB’s Corporate Financial Services, is one of countless ATBers who have heard the call of their communities—and dug in.

After a few days helping in Calgary, we headed out to Bragg Creek Thursday, a town that desperately needed help. We packed our shovels, hammers, crowbars, boots, gloves and masks and aimed for the house of a friend of a friend of a friend.

The driving directions were classic Alberta: get to Bragg Creek. Turn left. Ask for the Harper’s house. And, yes, everyone knew where the Harper’s house was.

The owner was 8 ½ months pregnant and had to remove all the walls and insulation in her basement. We met some other Calgarians as we arrived and headed straight to work.

It felt great to help. And it was amazing to meet others from all walks of life who felt the same way.

- Jacynthe

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