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Alberta Flood: Extra Hands

Alberta Flood: Extra Hands

Posted on: June 26, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

ATB associates have not been untouched by the force of the disastrous floods in southern Alberta. While scrambling to ensure banking services remain accessible, and while designing programs of support for affected customers, ATBers have also worried about their own families.

In this open letter from Tim Gillespie, ATB Vice President of Corporate Financial Services, you get a glimpse into that part of this very human-nature story. And how the ATB family was there for his.

Dear friends,

My 85-year-old mom lives on the river in Bowness and experienced the full force of the flood. I have been working diligently with friends and family to get everything out of the basement so we can save the house.

On Monday, a team of ATB associates dropped by to help haul out water and mud soaked furniture and appliances.

We were able to get everything out thanks to all the extra hands.

Thank you.

Tim Gillespie

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