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Giving back to mother nature

Giving back to mother nature

Posted on: August 20, 2012
Author: Jennifer Sharpe


A look at ATB's green donations and sponsorships

At ATB, the nature of our business presents us with many challenges to our goal of being an environmentally responsible organization. With branches, offices, and associates spread throughout the province, it's no surprise that most of our carbon footprint is the result of powering, heating, and cooling our facilities and from employee commuting. But we're committed to being greener, and we're working on many smaller projects (and some big ones) to keep the ATB mindset thinking green.

Most of our efforts have been focused internally, but we also support external green projects that we believe are important to our communities and our province through donations (cash and in-kind) and sponsorships.

These are just a few examples:

  • Alberta Emerald Awards

    The annual Emerald Awards "rolls out the green carpet" to recognize environmental work by Albertan organizations and individuals. ATB shares in the belief that celebrating these achievements will spark more green ideas, and others will be inspired to help protect Alberta's environment.

  • Computers for Schools

    Since 2008, ATB has partnered with Computers for Schools, a provincial program that takes used IT equipment, refurbishes it, and then gives it to schools, local communities, and local charities. Printers, desktops, monitors, laptops, and other IT assets are kept out of landfills and given to the people who need them. Since 2008, ATB has donated 2,318 computers, 1,586 monitors, 1347 printers, 237 servers, and six scanners.

  • Friends of Fish Creek "Science in the Park"

    This 13-week Calgary program provides local high school students with hands-on experience in a natural setting to inspire them to continue their science education, and teach them about valuing and respecting the park. Students test Fish Creek's water quality, complete a pond study, learn about invasive plants and animals, wrap trees to protect them from beaver damage, and assist with trail care.

Other examples of green donations and sponsorships from the past year include the Association for Mountain Park Protection, Calgary Farmer's Market, Chaparral Community Green Thumbs, Birds of Prey Foundation, Linden Pathway, and The Natural Step. Last year, ATB Financial donated a total of $1.3 million to charitable organizations across Alberta, and contributed $5.3 million in sponsorships.

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