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Young Artists Competition

Young Artists Competition

Posted on: January 12, 2012
Author: Sandra Huculak, Director of Community Leadership, ATB

One of my recent projects as ATB's Director of Community Leadership is the Young Artists Competition. In 2010, ATB formed a five-year partnership with the Art Gallery of Alberta to sponsor a variety of exhibitions to recognize and raise the visibility of Albertan artists. The Young Artists Competition is one of these programs. It provides an opportunity for grade four students throughout Alberta to create art that represents their perspective of Alberta's history. We're all hoping for a tsunami of beautiful grade four art.

This is the first year of the Young Artists Competition, but I hope it inspires students to take pride in their Albertan history, and in themselves. I have a friend of mine who still remembers the day that her artwork was chosen to represent her school and displayed in city hall. Forty years and many achievements later, she still feels a sense of pride. I truly hope that this is the beginning of a program that will live in the hearts of Albertan children for the next forty years.

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