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Q & A with James Boettcher of Fiasco Gelato

Q & A with James Boettcher of Fiasco Gelato

Posted on: October 07, 2014
Author: ATB Business & Agriculture
  • Who is your favourite business person? Richard Branson. Having the ability to own 300+ companies, and for all of them to have a team empowered to make them ethically successful is absolutely amazing.

  • What is your favourite business? A company we emulate at Fiasco is Zappos. Their approach to “Delivering Happiness” is exactly what we do as well. And their empowerment is bar none the best on earth.

  • What is your favourite Alberta Business? Famoso Pizzeria. Their commitment to growing a franchise model with a trend forward approach to kid friendly dining, and a commitment to their staff by having managing partners is great.

  • If you could choose any name for yourself, what would it be? Awesome James

  • What book are you currently reading? Leave It Better Than You Found It by Bruce A. Nordstrom

  • You can ask Brett Wilson or Arlene Dickinson one question, what is it? What’s the #1 thing you would tell a scaling business not to do?

  • What is your favourite word, and why? Awesome. Because every sentence sounds better with awesome in it.

  • If your employees could use one word to describe you, what would it be and why? Crazy. They love it, even though it scares them from time to time.

  • You're never prepared to start your day without: Coffee. Duh.

  • Who inspires you? My team. Every day.

  • Who inspires you from an "I don't want to be like that" perspective? Anyone that puts profit before people.

  • If you could have any title in the world, what would it be? I already have it. Chief Idea Officer.

  • In 5 words or less, how do you want people to describe you in 5 years from now? Influential Community Leader

  • In 5 words or less, what do you want people to say about your business in 5 years from now? Impressively Impactful

  • Things that keep you up at night: Not having enough time to train our team as well as I would like to, people in our team not realizing the potential they harness, never having enough time.

  • 3 things you love about your day: Getting to thank everyone who works with us, I’m in full control, if I want to get a million things done, I can, or nothing at all.

  • If you had $1 million, you would: Buy an island

  • Your business is: Influencing a category, and creating a work life blend, as opposed to work life balance.

  • Entrepreneurship is: What makes this world great!

  • Why Alberta? Because it's where we live, and there is so much potential.

  • Alberta in 4 words or less: Beauty beyond belief.

  • Describe your business in 5 words or less: Freshly made, hand crafted.

  • Things you wish people knew about your business: We do things differently, to achieve results never achieved before.

  • Describe your leadership style in less than 5 words: Train, lead, support, succeed.

  • Things you wish people knew about Alberta entrepreneurs: The ones that succeed, are the ones who invested in their communities.

  • Favorite inspirational quote: Life is about the journey, not the end result

  • If you weren’t running this business, you would be: Dreaming another dream