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Update! Changes to ATB Online banking have arrived

Update! Changes to ATB Online banking have arrived

Posted on: April 11, 2017
Author: Staff

You may have noticed some exciting changes to your ATB Online banking over the past week.

Here is what you can expect from the new site:

  • Clear and streamlined design to make it easier to find what you're looking for.
  • New display that shows your non-ATB accounts, too.
  • Ability to recover usernames and passwords if you ever forget them (and who hasn't?).
  • More clear TrackIt data, for a complete view of your financial picture.
  • Automatic redirect to mobile-friendly site when you're on a mobile device.

Over the past week, we’ve been listening to your thoughts and feedback. Here are some answers to your questions and helpful tips for a better banking experience.

  1. What if I want to see ATB Online on my phone or iPad?

    When online banking on a mobile device or tablet, the best banking experience will be to use ATB Mobile. When you log into ATB Mobile, simply tap on the orange button (see below) to start your banking. If you prefer to use our desktop version, just tap on the button that says Go to new ATB Online.

    ATB Online mobile screenshots 

  2. How do I log out?

    Yes, this has changed! Simply click your name in the top corner and select the "log out" option.

  3. Does the new site work on Internet Explorer?

    This has been a challenge for some of our customers—we are continuing to look into why this might be. You will have full functionality on Google Chrome, or enable compatibility mode.

    ATB Online supports the following browsers: Chrome 53+; Safari 9+; IE 11+; Edge 13+; Firefox 49+

  4. I like the coloured wheel, I just don’t know what it means!

    Well that’s TrackIt, our money management tool, hard at work for you. The 30-day spending wheel is at the forefront of the account summary page to give you better insight into your finances and what you're spending your money on. Click on the More detailed spending button or the TrackIt tab to dive deeper.

    Without signing up, or taking any additional steps, TrackIt tells the story based on your ATB account information. If you want a deeper understanding your financial story, you can add external accounts to your profile, create budgets, track your net worth and set goals.

    To get a better understanding of everything TrackIt can do, click on the TrackIt tab and explore the TrackIt Overview page.

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