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6 ways to wow your customers

6 ways to wow your customers

Posted on: October 02, 2012
Author: ATB Business & Agriculture

You build your business on relationships. Maybe you get to know people over the counter, over a coffee, or over the internet, but fundamentally, it's about forging that relationship.

And there's no better way to start than by making a great impression. Here are six ways to wow your customers, whether they are first-timers or regulars.

  1. Remember their name. And use it.

    Every time you make this small effort, it makes a big difference. When you recognize your customers as individuals, they will recognize you (or your staff) as an individual too, creating a one-on-one connection that fosters loyalty.
  2. Offer free samples or trials.

    Let your customers try your product or service with no strings attached. Your expertise has value too, so offer free estimates or five minutes of on-the-spot advice. This tells your customers that your goal is to help, not make a sale (which, coincidentally, will help you make a sale).
  3. Embrace your fans on social media.

    Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks may make you nervous, but for many consumers, these are the go-to channels for interacting with companies. Don't ignore this pool of current and potential customers, as well as all their contacts.

    Start by setting up a Twitter account for your business. This article will walk you through the basics. When you're set up, make sure you turn on email or text notifications, so that you can respond promptly if someone contacts you.
  4. Respond to feedback.

    When a customer calls with an issue, you answer it and respond; apply those same service standards to email, Twitter, Facebook, and internet-based review sites like Yelp. Take a few minutes to craft your answer and respond promptly, ideally within a day or two.

    Because social media channels are communities, your answer may be read by dozens (or hundreds) of other potential customers. A well-worded, respectful response will show the original commenter—and their network—that you care. Learn more about gathering and using customer feedback
  5. Make your place of business as comfortable and convenient as possible.

    If your prices, location, and quality of service are competitive, sway your customers with the extras. Plentiful seating, a quick and logical sales process, free coffee or snacks, and friendly staff can leave your customers will good memories after they leave your business.
  6. Follow up.

    Depending on the number of sales you complete, an in-person visit, follow-up phone call, or automated email may work best. Either way, address the customer by name and specifically mention the product or service they purchased. Provide them with a means to give their feedback, and don't forget the sales incentive, like a discount coupon for their next purchase.

These six tips will help you wow your customers, but don't forget about those other important relationships, like with your peers and professional partners.

"It's important to maintain a strong relationship with your banker, your accountant, your lawyer, and then obviously your peers in your industry that you can share best practices," says Myron Feser, Managing Director of ATB Business, based in Red Deer. "These are the people who will help you make the best decisions to keep your business running at its highest performance."

Myron's secret to building those relationships is simple: bring positive energy to every interaction.

"If we challenged ourselves to give that person a little bit of energy, or inspire that person just a little bit, could you imagine the difference that would make? Wow. It would make life a lot more fun."

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