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What Are We Doing Now

  • 6/27/2013 10:00 AM

    Alberta Flood: Tears and drywall

    Trudi Chalmers is an advisory development coach at ATB Investor Services in Calgary. In this account of her time helping in the cleanup effort, she nicely makes the point that the water (whether river or tears) don't get the last word. They lead to action.

    Cleanup in BownessIt was amazing to see so many people helping out. The homeowners were incredibly appreciative, extending hospitality by actually inviting us to stop by if we're ever back in the area.

    But the damage was unreal.

    I spent my time between two homes. The first one still had about a foot of water in the basement. It had seeped back in after having been pumped out the day before. I had to take down the drywall and insulation about three feet from the ground of the main floor! Crazy. The second home had water up to about four feet in the basement. I get it: they weren't ready to take down drywall. So, we cleared all the stuff out of the basement and took out buckets of mud.

    There were people coming around with water, snacks, coffee, beer, for everyone. Everyone was working hard.

    I have to admit, though, when I first got there and started walking down the street and saw the destruction, it brought tears to my eyes. So sad.

    - Trudi

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