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The Future Of Wellness

Wellness, particularly mental wellness, plays a major role in the economy and the functioning of society and business. As demands change, what is the future of this sector?

By ATB Financial 4 November 2021 3 min read

In this series we unpack the future of mental health and wellness. The need to constantly adapt, the COVID-19 pandemic, and many other external factors are forcing this industry, and the supporting services, to meet new demands of individuals and businesses. What is the future of mental wellness? How will businesses address the gaps that exist today when supporting the mental health of their employees, and how will individuals access the right services in the future by embracing innovation and technology?

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Episode 1 - Curtis Stange, President & CEO of ATB Financial

ATB Financial’s Chief Economist, Todd Hirsch, is joined by bold mental health advocate, Curtis Stange, President and CEO of ATB Financial. 

As the champion of ATB’s employee wellness program, Curtis shares his personal and professional journey on how to introduce mental health initiatives within any organization. He discusses the invisible line item on every income statement that is costing millions of dollars - and how addressing mental health within an organization, and within each other, helps to significantly offset this cost. Curtis shares what conversations CEOs are having behind closed doors around mental health, and what possibilities exist for intervention and the detection of issues in the future. 

How do you create psychological safety between leaders and employees, and how do businesses get great adoption of employee wellness services?

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About Curtis Stange: Curtis is the President and CEO of ATB Financial, and leads 5,000+ team members to service 800,000+ Albertans with financial advice, products and expertise. As a strong mental health advocate, he is a member of the Alberta Government’s Mental Health Advisory Council. Curtis also serves as a member of the Business Council of Alberta, Edmonton International Airport and Visa Canada advisory boards, the Stars Air Ambulance board and the Government of Canada's Sustainable Finance Action Council.

ATB President & CEO Curtis Stange
"There is an opportunity for a business model where we create a straightforward program that can help support the launch of mental wellness initiatives in small to medium sized businesses."

Curtis Stange

President and CEO of ATB Financial

Episode 2 - Dr. Lisa Belanger, PH.D., CEO & Behaviour Change Expert of ConsciousWorks

Dr. Lisa Belanger discusses the reality of mental wellness, self care and the future of this sector in the second episode in our series on The Future Of Wellness. From the areas individuals have control over, to the impacts of technology and the taboo nature of the topic - nothing is off limits in this conversation. Discover how apps and technology are just beginning to scratch the surface for wellness, and what potential lies ahead.

As phenomenons like telepressure impact us in new ways, what power lives within each of us to influence how, where and when we work? How will this alter our understanding of burnout and recovery in the future? And how will these new demands and issues be met with the right support and services?

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About Dr. Lisa Belanger: Lisa is the CEO of ConsciousWorks, a consulting firm that helps leaders apply the findings from leading-edge scientific research to maximize their mental capacity and performance. Lisa has a Ph.D. in Behavioural Medicine, an Executive MBA, and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and High Performance Specialist. Check out Lisa’s podcast, The Science of Work.

"Habits happen within a social environment and physical environment. Those were the things that were completely uprooted with ‘work from home,’ but it also means we can control and consciously design them now if we so choose."

Dr. Lisa Belanger PH.D.

CEO & Behaviour Change Expert of ConsciousWorks

In this series

There is no limit to the amount of stressors impacting mental health and wellbeing. This series explores the economical and business consequences when mental health goes unaddressed. It explores the tools, technology and new innovations available to people to better understand their mental health and wellbeing, and what the future of the mental wellness space might look like. 

What is the greatest risk to mental health at this moment, and what will be the greatest risk in the future? How do we mitigate stress and be active in the design of support systems for ourselves, our businesses and for others?

All of this, plus more, on ATB Financial’s The Future Of podcast.


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