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Meet Brightside by ATB

By ATB Financial 2 March 2020 1 min read

Our world is a rapidly changing place.

Every day your smartphone and other devices enable you to do more with a simple swipe or touch of a button.

At ATB, we get that and we’re continually working to transform how we use technology to enable Albertans to do everything they need to do when it comes to their banking, as simple and easy as possible.

And that’s exactly why we’ve set out to build a new banking app, designed to provide digitally-savvy Albertans with a new way of banking with ATB.

Get ready to say hi to Brightside by ATB!

“We’ve been listening to Albertans and we are hearing there is a growing need to offer a new type of digital banking experience to complement all the great things we are doing at ATB Financial,” said Curtis Stange, ATB President & CEO.

“We are building Brightside to deliver experiences that are easy, simple and fun for people, and that also work to meet people exactly where they are in life,” said Stange.

Brightside is still being built, but you can download the app and try out the initial savings features now at

You can also follow @hibrightsider on Instagram to stay connected to all the exciting things that will be coming.

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