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Compass Portfolios

Compass is an award-winning mutual fund featuring some of the world's leading investment managers.


Our six portfolios are designed to meet the investment needs of conservative, short-term investors all the way to aggressive, long-term investors. Add your personal goals to the mix for a portfolio that takes you where you want to go.

Conservative Portfolio

You’re a cautious investor who sleeps soundly knowing that most of your savings are invested in lower risk investments with stable returns.

Conservative Balanced Portfolio

You believe that slow and steady investing wins the race over time, and you don’t like surprise.

Balanced Portfolio

You’re after the perfect balance of risk and reward, and portfolio growth and stability. You seek a comfortable middle ground.

Balanced Growth Portfolio

You know the occasional rainy day for your investments won’t stop you from achieving healthy long-term growth.

Growth Portfolio

You keep a steady hand on your investments while riding out market storms. You focus on greater longer-term returns on the horizon.

Maximum Growth Portfolio

You’re an adventurous type who is comfortable following your portfolio’s performance up over peaks and down through valleys for the largest possible return.​

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