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50 years with ATB and counting

50 years with ATB and counting

Posted on: 7/24/2018 | Author: Aminah Syed

Larry Fuson can tell you about all kinds of change. He’s been with ATB Financial for 50 years. He’s seen the introduction of computers, new CEOs and many catchy marketing slogans. But he’ll tell you one thing that hasn’t changed.


“You create relationships by listening to what people are telling you and what their needs are,” says Fuson.

Fuson is currently working as a relationship manager in Edson so his focus on relationships makes sense. He’s been in that role for the past 13 years since retiring as a branch manager in Wetaskiwin. He gave himself 12 hours between jobs.

“I was 18 years old when I started working in Hanna. You want to talk about transformation and reimagining how we do our work? We used to manually calculate loan interest. It would take days,” says Fuson.

Larry's original computer next to his current laptop
Larry's original computer next to his current ATB laptop.

Although he is blown away by the leaps and bounds automation can bring to banking for Albertans, he still believes face-to-face time is important.

“A lot of our clients still like the social experience of going into the branch. Or when the branch comes to them. Some branches will go to the seniors homes and make deposits, cash cheques and do everything on site for them. ATB is loved for doing that,” says Fuson.

Fuson also believes it’s important to take those after hours calls.

“I have a client that sometimes calls me on a Thursday night or Friday just to let me know how things are going. He just wants to keep me up to date,” explains Fuson. “I take those calls and enjoy them. If he’s excited about a new tractor then I’m excited.”

And, advice? He’s got that, too, on job happiness and career longevity.

“Do what you love and love what you do. That’s the easiest way to put it, I guess,” says Fuson. “Some days are not as enjoyable as others but for the most part, I continue to have fun every day.”

When asked if he planned to try retirement again, his answer was somewhat vague.

“I thought this might be my last year but I still like what I do. I still enjoy what I do unless Curtis (ATB’s CEO) or somebody tells me I’m no longer good at what I do,” he laughed.

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