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6 tips to ease your post-holiday budget blues


Many of us tend to overspend during the holidays, but not realize it until well into the New Year when our credit card bills start to roll in and any returnable packages are long past opened. Here are some suggestions to get your budget back on track.

  1. Hold off on the extras this month

    Do what you can to stick to the basics and save treating yourself for next month. Limiting your discretionary spending allows you to put that money towards paying off your holiday bills.

  2. Take on an odd job or two

    Is there something you can do with your skills to make a bit of extra cash this month? Perhaps take on a freelance or consulting project or sign up for extra shifts or overtime if you have the option. Even a couple hundred dollars will help you cover a trip to the grocery store, freeing up some extra money to pay down your bills.

  3. Identify your weak spots

    Think about the types of things you impulse buy, and then stay away from the places that will tempt you. If you know you’ll buy something when you take that quick trip to the mall, don’t go to the mall.

  4. Prioritize your debt

    If you’re carrying credit card balances, pay off the cards with the higher interest rates first.

  5. Plan ahead

    Start budgeting now for the holidays. Sounds crazy we know, but putting aside a little bit of money every month will go a long way to helping you cover your December expenses. Saving early might even allow you to make the holidays extra special.

  6. Start keeping track

    Keep track of your spending with a tool like ATB TrackIt. ATB customers can find it inside our online banking platform and mobile app. Take a look at what you spent last year and use that information to plan ahead. If you overspent but can’t think of where you could have cut back, you’ll know you need to save that much more for this year.

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