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Happiness is having a home of your own

Happiness is having a home of your own

Posted on: July 13, 2018 | Author: ATB Staff

Owning a home is a common goal for many families. For one family in particular, it was the ultimate dream.

This family (a couple and three children) had come to Canada in 2014. They were renting a home and, being new to Canada, had no credit. The couple dreamed of owning a home where their children could each have their own room.

In March 2016, Berlyn, a mobile relationship manager at our Calgary Eighth Avenue Place branch, started working with the couple to help them apply for a mortgage. Initially, they didn’t qualify for credit, but Berlyn helped them find ways to gradually improve their credit, so they could bring up their credit scores. When the couple reapplied in June 2016, they didn’t qualify again because their scores were still too low, but Berlyn put the application through anyway.

ATB accepted it! When Berlyn told them the wonderful news, the couple was so grateful, they shed tears of happiness. ATB had done what other banks wouldn’t do for them.

But it didn’t end there. ATB lent the couple the amount they needed to meet the 5% minimum down-payment requirement. Their dream had come true with Berlyn and ATB’s help.

Today, the couple still keeps in touch with Berlyn regularly and have referred family, friends and acquaintances to ATB. Why? Because they know that ATB will find a way to help their family and friends achieve their financial goals too.