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ATB honoured for its support of Ducks Unlimited

ATB honoured for its support of Ducks Unlimited

Posted on: September 24, 2014
Author: Jennifer Kohle

ATB has won a prestigious award for its unique sponsorship arrangement with Ducks Unlimited Canada.

The award comes from the Clean50 Top 15 Project. It recognizes businesses who show a commitment to environmental sustainability. The project, administered by Delta Management Group, selects 50 great environmental projects and chooses the top 15.

ATB is proud to be part of that top 15 for creating a brand new type of loan just for Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC). It is essentially a $5 million loan paired with a donation that covers the loan’s interest, which is an industry first.

DUC will use these funds to support a Revolving Land Purchasing Program to purchase and restore thousands of acres of wetlands. The land is purchased, wetlands are restored and then the land is sold back to farmers and ranchers with a conservation agreement. The funds from selling back the land will be used to purchase more land where wetlands can be restored and conserved.

The loan will help fund about 60 wetland conservation projects and protect nearly 9,500 acres of important wetland habitat across Alberta.

The panel decided to give ATB this award based on three attributes it saw in the project: the ability to inform, the power to inspire, and the fact that it included innovative ideas that could be replicated by others.

“The support ATB Financial has pledged to DUC is invaluable,” said Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Herman Rea.

Peggy Garritty, ATB Senior Vice President, Reputation and Brand, said that receiving this award is an honour for the company.

“This project is a unique opportunity to combine what we’re good at—banking—with Ducks Unlimited’s conservation expertise. And the result is thousands of acres of Alberta’s wetlands being conserved. It’s a perfect partnership,” Garritty said.

ATB Financial President and CEO Dave Mowat was also recognized by the Clean 50 in the Financial Services category. The honour cited Mowat's establishment of ATB Financial's Executive Environmental Committee and the DUC project.

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