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Alberta Flood: A grand Alberta lady

Alberta Flood: A grand Alberta lady

Posted on: July 11, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Barry Strader is ATB Financial's corporate reporter, which means he's in charge of helping tell our story to the good folks outside our walls. Barry was one of the ATBers who helped clean up in High River. Here he tells the story of a phone call with the ring of truth.

Barry Strader deposits Edna's cheque for Alberta flood relief.

It was June 25. Five days after the flood that ravaged the southern part of our province. I received a phone call.

The voice on the other end was of an elderly woman. Edna. Originally from Alberta, she now lives in Toronto, helping raise her grandchild.

Edna was shocked and saddened at the devastation in communities like Calgary, High River, Canmore and others. Having grown up on a farm near Wetaskiwin, she was particularly concerned about the welfare of farmers and those living in rural communities.

She wanted to help.

Edna found out that ATB Financial was accepting donations on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross for flood relief. Thing is, there are no ATB branches in Toronto.

So, she picked up the phone.

"Where can I send a cheque?" she asked.

I thought for a moment. "You know what? Send it to me and I'll make sure it goes to the right place."

A week later, a letter arrived at my desk. My name and address written in a classic, cursive hand you hardly see anymore. Edna had followed through.

When I opened the letter, I could hardly believe what I found: A cheque for $1,000.

I immediately deposited the cheque so her donation can get right to work, then wrote her a thank-you letter on behalf of ATB.

Once an Albertan, always an Albertan.

- Barry

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