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Alberta Flood: Toys

Alberta Flood: Toys

Posted on: July 10, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Peggy Garritty is ATB's Senior Vice President, Reputation & Brand. She was among the group of ATBers who went down last week to High River to help clean up houses. Yesterday, she went back with some new toys rounded up by ATB's senior content marketing manager, and mom, Stephanie Proseilo.

ATB's Peggy Garritty with the grateful parents, and ATB's Stephanie Proseilo in her clean-up mask.

Donated toys

The street looks very different from last Thursday. The mud is gone but dust remains. The piles of condemned furniture and debris are mostly gone. People are working and exhausted.

One of the worst moments last Thursday was throwing away all the kids' toys from one of the houses on 3rd Street. Mom and Dad couldn't face doing it themselves. So, we piled toy trucks, a drum set, puzzles and games on top of a heap of mud-soaked debris. The stuff of childhoods of two young boys sitting haphazardly in a dumpster.

Yesterday, we returned with a pile of new toys, thanks to the generosity of Stephanie, her children and friends. The two boys have not returned to the house yet. They haven't seen their gutted home. Mom and Dad were speechless and fighting back tears, knowing the new stuff to play with will make it easier for the boys to come back home.

Next door, Sandy is exhausted but had great news to share. Insurance will cover both her homes and her car. Her brother works in Toronto and had a great line: If you're going to have something like this happen, it's a good thing it happened in Alberta. Albertans know how to work.

- Peggy

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