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Alberta Flood: Silver lining

Alberta Flood: Silver lining

Posted on: July 03, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Cori Morris is a senior talent acquisition specialist with ATB's People & Culture department. (That's what we used to call HR.) With ATB talent acquisition associate Shelley Geddes, senior learning partner Gayle Soppit, and learning partner Michelle Langford, the four put some people power into the cleanup movement over the weekend.

Shelley Geddes, Michelle Langford, and Gayle Soppit helping out in Calgary.

This past Saturday I organized a group of nine people, including four of us from ATB, to go out and help with cleanup down along the Riverdale and Lansdowne Avenue areas in Calgary.

It turned out to be the nicest summer day so far. And it was on a long weekend, to boot.

But to boots it was, as Shelley, Gayle, Michelle and I pulled them on and laced them up and joined in to help some friends we hadn't met yet.

It was a heart wrenching. There, right in front of us, was so much loss and devastation. But it was also heart warming to see the countless numbers of volunteers out there being neighbours, helping neighbours.

And that was the silver lining in the clouds that delivered all of this to begin with.

- Cori

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