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Alberta Flood: Open volunteer arms

Alberta Flood: Open volunteer arms

Posted on: July 02, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Kathryn Fero works as the director of major initiatives in ATB Financial's Retail Financial Services Strategy unit. Like so many others, she kept looking until she found where her help was needed.

ATB's Melanie Merwin, left, and Kathy Fero, right, with City of Calgary Parks and Recreation guys on another cleanup day.

On Friday, my friend and colleague Melanie Merwin and I hit the streets to help. Our initial plan was to go into Bowness to help sanitize houses that had already been pumped and stripped. But, at the last minute, they let us know they had too many volunteers. That's right, too many. Reminds us what a great city we live in.

So, we took our open volunteer arms on the road and helped to load the wreckage into trucks in the Elbow Park area. It was a tremendous experience, from the Parks and Rec team we informally partnered with as a crew all day to Joe the City of Calgary driver with whom we hitched rides to where we were needed most.

The devastation is beyond imagination but the spirit of this city was definitely not washed away.

- Kathryn

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