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Alberta Flood: Dear Jon

Alberta Flood: Dear Jon

Posted on: June 27, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Paul Norris, ATB's Calgary South Market Vice President, introduces us to Rideau Road's Big Jon, whose Calgary spirit didn't let him hit the pillow early Thursday morning before sending a note of thanks to the ATB dumpster crew. Jon's note follows Paul's account.

The cleanup crew poses with Big Jon, in red.

Well, ATB in Calgary put out a call for volunteers and we proved once again that this organization has the best teams out there.

With only eight hours notice, we got 20 ATBers out to the community of Roxboro Wednesday night. And after walking a few streets looking for someone to help, we found Big Jon. Jon had water up to the top of his basement and had to pull everything out. And there everything was, sitting on his lawn.

As the ATB gang was walking that sad scene, opportunity arrived. In the shape of a dumpster. We got right to it and had that dumpster full inside of 90 minutes.

It was difficult to see how much from his past was bound for the landfill. We saw picture albums and all kinds of other memories, some salvageable, some not.

But Jon was very grateful and had a tremendously positive way about him. It was truly an honour to help.

It might sound funny to say that it was another great day in Calgary. But it was. Grateful, graceful Big Jon, in an email he sent me and our team just after midnight this morning, gets the last word on our time together:

Hello, Paul:

I can't thank you and your colleagues from ATB enough for their generous help loading debris and destroyed possessions into the dumpster at our home on Rideau Road.

You and your team exemplify the true Calgarian/Albertan spirit.

Yea, ATB.

Again, thank you, and continued success.

Jonathan and Millie :-)


- Paul

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