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Alberta Flood: Fully invested

Alberta Flood: Fully invested

Posted on: June 27, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Among the ways ATB Financial is supporting the cleanup effort is giving employees the time to do what their heart is telling them to do: get out and help. Here is the report from the field from Leeann Jarman, Talent Innovation director, and Sherri Wright-Schwietz, Head of Talent & Story, at ATB Investor Services. They joined fellow ATBers Mike Frederick, Alana Solomon, and Allison Comeau to help out in Elbow Park. You will quickly get the sense that for this group, caring means action.

Cleaning up in Elbow ParkWe split into two teams. One team went to houses and carried and ripped out and loaded things up and the second team stayed at the community dumpsters and unloaded the contents of trucks and trailers and vans into dumpster after dumpster.

It was heartwarming. We watched a seven-year-old do what grownups were doing without a word of complaint. No " I am bored." Just "How can I help? Welcome, sir, let us unload that for you. " Then we started to unload.

And then it was heart-wrenching. There were priceless, now-ruined love letters from a girl's great-grandparents. Children's toys. Bedding. Blankets. Handmade quilts. Whole lives being moved by strangers off front lawns into trucks, then into dumpsters, then taken away to the dump.

But the good spirits, the heartfelt thank-yous, and the non-stop string of random people just showing up to say what can I do? where do I go to help? gives everyone hope.

Cleaning up in Elbow ParkIt was such an amazing experience. The power and connectedness of people helping was overwhelming. We did such a small part. We cannot imagine the situation of those who have lost so much, and what their journey ahead will bring.

To say we smell and are dirty is an understatement.

We can't wait for the weekend to get out again.

- Leeann and Sherri

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