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Alberta Flood: Watermark

Alberta Flood: Watermark

Posted on: June 26, 2013
Author: Jennifer Kohle

Here is an account of the flood cleanup from Paul Norris, ATB's Calgary South Market Vice-President. Like many Calgarians, Paul saw in the flood aftermath the opportunity to help fellow citizens. And like many parents, he saw in the mucky mess the chance to give his children a lesson in neighbourhood building.

ATB associate Paul Norris and his kids Jared and Ryan helping out in Calgary.

Here are a few pics from a couple of sites my boys and I have helped at in the last few days. One is in Bowness where a few buddies and I drove around until we found three ladies trying to clear a basement of stuff. We asked if we could help and ended up taking eight full trailer loads to the dump.

On Tuesday, my boys and I along with some friends from church went to Roxboro where we had heard of a need for more basement demolition and clearing. We spent a few hours slogging through wet muddy basements pulling out a bunch of stuff into huge piles on the front lawn.

In both cases the owners had such a positive attitude and were so happy for the help. It was a great experience for me and my boys, Ryan, who is 12 and Jared, 10.

Its messy, hard work—and a ton of fun!

- Paul

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