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Thoughts from the Allard Chair, Part 2

Thoughts from the Allard Chair, Part 2

Posted on: March 24, 2014
Author: Staff

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Dave Mowat, ATB Financial's President & CEO, brings a cool perspective on snow- and ice-covered driveways to his position as MacEwan University's 2014 Allard Chair in Business.

"What employers invariably look for is not just students who have the smarts, but students who can take what they learn in class and apply it to solve problems in the world," said Mowat.

"And those problems include dealing in a creative way with what Edmonton winters leave behind."

Check out the video here

Mowat made the observation with a shovel in his hands on the driveway of a central Edmonton residence where a cohort of MacEwan commerce students, the Snow Pixies, were working on their Mission Possible class project.

Mission Possible sees students in Business 200/201 classes given a symbolic start-up loan from ATB and assigned to form business ventures that, in six weeks, deliver a profit to be invested in the community.

To do this, each group chooses a charity that receives a portion of their earnings. The goal is to allow the students to experience up-close the relationship between entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

The total donated from profits to local charities in 2013-14 was $54,573.

The Snow Pixies' goal was to make winter fun by clearing driveways and pathways with a positive attitude, armed with their pixie wands (shovels) and environmentally friendly pixie dust (salt).

Mowat, who donned the group's pixie wings for the work shift, said the snow and ice can be complained about or seen as an opportunity.

"And the Snow Pixies have definitely dug in and shown that getting rid of snow and ice isn't just a chore," he said.

Dave Mowat speaks at the Dr. Charles Allard Chair in Business 2014 Luncheon on April 8, 2014, in Edmonton.

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