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Where to meet Pepper

Where to meet Pepper

Posted on: April 28, 2017
Author: Staff

ATB’s favourite robot will call the Stephen Avenue branch in Calgary home for the month of July. It will be the perfect place to greet Stampede funseekers, tourists and customers.

Everyone is invited to drop in and size Pepper up for themselves.

And get a selfie with her.

Or take a financial literacy quiz from her.

Or let her explain more about what ATB offers.

Or just watch her dance!

“It’s going to be fun,” said Sandi Boga, ATB’s senior manager of innovation. “We’re looking forward to learning more about the ways people want to interact with Pepper and to answering any questions about why ATB now has a very cute humanoid robot.”

Pepper is just over a metre tall and has large, expressive eyes and lifelike movements. She speaks English and has a touch screen tablet to keep the conversation going.

Right now, Pepper is in what’s called a proof of concept.

“It’s a pilot project, and it’s our customers who are driving this,” said Boga. “We get asked to explain what our ‘endgame’ is with Pepper, and the truth is we’re inviting our customers and all Albertans to help us figure that out. We think Pepper can help transform parts of banking, making it quicker and, yes, even enjoyable.”

In the future, Pepper may be able to speak multiple languages, assist with select transactions and, using the camera and microphones on her head, be able to biometrically authenticate a customer.

ATB President & CEO Dave Mowat has also stressed the role Pepper’s technology could play in taking on repetitive tasks, freeing up the human beings of ATB to do more of what they do best: building relationships with customers.

ATB’s Stephen Avenue branch is at 102 8 Avenue SW.

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